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Have you ever had an idea to make something but it doesn’t turn out exactly like you imagined? Rodro does that all the time but he doesn’t get mad, he loves it! After all, sometimes you have to make your own mess in order to make your own masterpiece. It’s always fun to give it a try and see what happens. In any case, nothing feels better than doing it yourself.

So, have fun! (And clean up when your done!)

Rescue Earth Recycle Race

I promise to respect the Earth,

keep the grasses green,

keep the air pollution-free,

and keep the water clean.

I promise to respect all creatures, everyone I see, care for them

and treat them how

I want them to treat me.

ResQ EarthLogo Color.png

If you care about the Earth and love board games, you are gonna love the Rescue Earth Recycle Race. CLICK HERE to download a printable PDF so that you can make your very own Rescue Earth Recycle Race board game.

(To download from your screen, go to > File > Export as PDF.)

What’s good for the Earth, is good for you!

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B-Y-P-O CapsDemo.png
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