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Rodro’s Goal


To make the world a better place by caring about our children and teaching them to care about themselves and each other. 


      1) The Books

      2) Programs based on the books

      3) Lessons and Activities based on the books

      4) Community Outreach based on the books

Rodro’s Book Themes 


  • Personal value, family values, friendship, community, global citizenship 

  • Joy, compassion, kindness, integrity, accountability, honesty, altruism 

  • Celebrating diversity, appreciation of the natural world and wildlife

  • Creativity, courage, focus, engagement, resilience, grit, zest 

  • Self-defense/up-standing/non-violence/anti- bullying.

Rodro Program Learning Objectives


To use the arts to:


  • To provide children with a foundation of social-emotional skills that help them discover their personal value.


  • To provide children with the skills they need to learn how to learn and be creative.


  • To help children understand, appreciate, and celebrate the value of diversity in our global community. (Learn how to work together.)


  • To help children understand, appreciate, and celebrate the natural world and wildlife, and how they are connected to it.


  • To help children discover the importance of just being good for goodness sake. 

Rodro Programs Educational Strategies 


  • Compassion, patience, understanding, and flexibility.

  • Recognizing and understanding individual minds and providing a range of learning experiences that enhance their strengths and address their weaknesses. 

  • Nurture the whole child from their family/home support structure to their individual needs, to their peers, and to the communities where they live. 

  • Providing foundational knowledge, asking questions, and helping kids develop the skills they need to discover the answers. (Helping kids learn how to learn.)

  • Role-modeling, providing role-models, and examples of excellence.

  • Developing individual skills along with cooperative and collaborative skills. 

  • Learning through the arts and creativity/project-based learning.

Rodro Programs Outline


  • iCare 

    • People

    • Planet

    • Creatures

  • ProbSov 

    • Personal

    • Academic

    • Collaborative


  • Super Me Community

    • Peace Avenger 

    • Superpower Treasure Chest

    • Gallery and Presentations

    • Super Me Comic Book


  • StreetWise

    • Rap/Beat Box/DJing

    • B-Boying/Popping/Locking/Up-Rock/Hip-Hop

    • Graffiti


  • Global-Logical 

    • iCare Planet

    • iCare Creatures

    • Goldysocks & the 5 Bayous

    • The Coolest Machine

    • The Orange Man Dance!

    • Brownies for Bedtime

    • The Magical Song of Sona and Dora

    • The Galapagos Islands

    • The Wetter the Better

    • Rodro Rides the Rising Seas


  • Culture Quest 

    • iCare People

    • I Wanna Dance: 7-days dancing, 2-days make and edit video, 1-day Viewing

    • What Color are You?

    • Taste Buds to Go!

    • Star Spangled Sprinkles, Please!

  • Rodro Books & Crafts

    • Rodro the Weirdo- Weird as I Wanna Be Activities

    • Let’s All Play

    • A Good Day at School

    • The Sandwich Boy Rescue

    • Kung Fu Peace (of Mind)

    • The New Swing King

      • Understanding Autism

      • Sib-Swag

    • Pick Me Last

    • I Wanna Dance

    • How to Do a Backspin

    • Don’t Do Drugs! Do Dance!

    • The Orange Man Dance

    • The Friendly Factory Frenzy

    • Taste Buds to Go

    • What Color Are You?

    • Brownies for Bedtime

    • Goldy Socks and the 5 Bayous

    • The Magical Song of Sona and Dora

    • Star Spangled Sprinkles, Please

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