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In the Culture Quest programs, students explore whom they are by learning about where they come from and the role they play as an important part of our global community. This is achieved through reading a poem and stories and then participating in arts-based activities that explore and deepen their learning of themes such as compassion, diversity, and community.

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I Wanna Dance

Age 5 & Up  •  45-60 min.

When Rodro shows us amazing dances from all over the world, we learn that our differences are one of the most important things we have in common. Dancing is fun no matter where you come from. No matter what race, color, preference, or creed loving and dancing are all that you need! (Peace, family, friendship, and celebrating our differences for global unity)

What Color Are You?

Age 5 & Up  •  45-60 min.

While Pessy and Rodro are working on an art project, they discover that their friendship has nothing to do with the color of their skin but the color of their character instead. (Diversity, friendship, celebrating differences and good character) 

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Taste Buds to Go

Age 5 & Up  •  45-60 min.

When Rodro forgets to bring his lunch to school, and the cafeteria food lets him down, he takes an imaginary journey around the world to find the fantastic foods he loves. (Cultural appreciation, resourcefulness, creativity, imagination)

iCare (People)

Age 5 & Up  •  45-60 min.

We, you and I, and every single person on this planet can make the world a better place simply by caring for one another. The I Care program is a combination of individual and group activities across a community that engages the community in a positive dialogue about caring, compassion, and kindness. It raises our consciousness about the powerful potential that caring for one another has to inspire acts of kindness and build bonds of unity. 

Star Spangled Sprinkles, Please!

Age 5 & Up  •  45-60 min.

On the Fourth of July, Rodro and his friends get into a food fight, but they make friends again when they learn to respect each other’s’ freedom of choice. ( Diversity, freedom of choice, respect, celebrating our differences)

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