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Sure, it’s FUN, but it's much more than that!

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Rodro puts your children in control of mastering life’s most important lessons while they are having fun! 


Rodro’s, Books and Crafts Programs are a series of creative, fun, and exciting, original arts activities based on the character-building and social-emotional learning themes of the Rodro books. The programs engage kids and parents in taking learning to a higher level. How? By cleverly combining the joy of creating crafts with an understanding of the skills they use during their creative process. The brilliance of the Books and Crafts program is that it teaches your children to “Learn how to learn!”​     (View Catalog)

Customized, educational enrichment that teaches your child to be a self-learner!

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The Books


Ranging from poetry to action-adventure, each Rodro book has a charming and engaging story that finds a fun way to deliver an important message. The books’ themes focus on learning social-emotional issues ranging from positive self-respect to anti-bullying. With every story, you can share your child’s exploration of their social-emotional development through the examples provided by the books’ characters and their adventures.                                                                        (View Catalog)


The Crafts


Rodro’s creative, fun, and exciting, original arts activities engage children in a vast range of traditional skills from cutting and pasting to coloring and sculpting. Each project can be modified to present just the right amount of difficulty to challenge your child’s skill level.                                    (View Catalog)


The art activities are designed with two primary goals:

  • To provide a fun and creative way to emphasize the character-building messages of the stories.

  • To utilize the creative process as an opportunity to develop an understanding and mastery of the learning skills that children use while making the crafts.


The ProbSov (Problem Solving Learning Strategy) 


While the books’ themes focus on learning social-emotional issues ranging from positive self-respect to anti-bullying the program's learning technique is universal. The ProbSov (problem-solving) self-learning strategy that Rodro teaches you and your children during the program applies to all learning in all aspects of life. The technique helps children to understand and master their skills of Mindfulness, Focus, Courage, Creativity (Brainstorming, Imagination), Initiative (Activation, Cooperation), and Grit (Patience, Confidence). Click here to LEARN MORE about the ProbSov.

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• Addresses learning challenges such

   as ADHD and anxiety.

• Confidence reduces bullying conflicts.

• Children develop vital self-affirming,

   social-emotional skills that put them

   in control of their learning.

B&C Scheduling

SCHEDULING: Private Sessions (School and Community)   


The Books and Crafts Program is purposefully designed for customized and focused individual learning. However, a more general version is available for groups of up to 20. Please contact Rodro for additional information.

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