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Here’s why these

books are important—


Every Rodro story has valuable lessons for you and your children to share and discuss. No matter who does the reading (child, parent, or educator), the supporting Convo-Questions generate inspiring and insightful conversations. These discussions enable your children to analyze, internalize, and utilize the character-enriching, social-emotional skills they learn. This is self-empowerment!


“One of the greatest lessons we can teach our children is how to teach themselves.”– Paul Rodriguez

RTW D-Guide
RTW FULL w-Brdr.jpg

Rodro The Weirdo


What is weird? Weird doesn't mean wrong— it just means different. When Rodro weirds-out and wins, he realizes different isn't bad; it's what makes him matter.

• Individuality • Creativity • Pride • Courage

• Positive Self-Talk • Self-Awareness/Mindfulness

BkSp D-Guide
BS 75dpi.jpg

How to Do a Back-Spin


When Embl is having a tough time learning his favorite dance move, his close friend Rodro refuses to let him give up.

• Friendship • Helping Others • Grit • Pride

• Self-Management, Executive Function 

• Planning, Practice, and Patience

G-Day D-Guide
G-Day FULL.jpg

A Good Day at School


When Rodro discovers the thief in his class, he has to decide what is more important, honesty or his pride.

• Honesty • Trust • Integrity • Courage

• Responsible Decision Making • Up-Stander

SB D-Guide
SBResQ FullSize.jpg

The Sandwich Boy Rescue


When disaster strikes— siblings, parents, and the whole community come together as one big family to save the day.

• Family • Friendship and Extended Families

• Relationship Skills • Self-Regulation/Self Control

• Coping with Tragedy • Community Support

PickMe D-Guide
PickMe FULL.jpg

Pick Me Last


When Pessy gets picked on and picked last, she doesn’t get upset. Instead, she rises to the challenge and reclaims her respect.

• Appreciating Diversity • Social Awareness

• Tolerance and Appreciation • Popular vs. Cool

• The Power of Voice • Up-Stander

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