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It was 1982, I was a freshman in high school, and I was heartbroken to learn that the Amazon was being recklessly burnt down by big business. I couldn’t believe that in that day and age, indigenous people and animals were being senselessly slaughtered. Tragically and unbelievably, over forty years have passed, and we still haven’t stopped this senseless slaughter.

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Hurry Up and Have Fun: Our Amazon Emergency is the book and program I have created to do my part to help save the Amazon, its jungle, river, creatures, and of course, its precious indigenous peoples. It is the result of a lifetime of passion and caring for the Amazon that culminated in a visit via Lindblad, Natural Habitat Adventures, and National Geographic. I mention each of these companies because their passion and caring for the Amazon made it possible for me to visit in an environmentally friendly and responsible way. 


Here is the latest draft of the book in progress and some videos of the program. 


If you are inspired to help save the Amazon, please see the Quit It Campaign below to learn more about what you can do.

Interactive PowerPoint (Part-1)

Interactive PowerPoint (Part-2)

Reading the Current Draft of Hurry Up and Have Fun

The Book Making Process

Amazon Animal Activity

The  QUIT IT Campaign                    ACTIVITY PAGE

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