Wherever Rodro and his friends go, and whatever they do, their good character and positive self-esteem are the keys to their success. The Rodro book series revolves around this irregular group of regular friends learning about life from each other and the world they roam.


In the skillful hands of author/illustrator Paul Rodriguez their pointless fun becomes fun with a point and before they know it, they learn something new (and so does the reader). No matter who does the reading (child, parent, or educator), the books are especially designed for you and your children to share and explore together.

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SK BkPgSumm
SBResQ BkPgSumm
S&D BkPgSumm
RTW BkPgSumm
PickMe BkPgSumm
S3 BkPgSumm
O-Man BkPgSumm
F3 BkPgSumm
GS BkPgSumm
BS BkPgSumm
LAP BkPgSumm
G-Day BkPgSumm
D5 BkPgSumm
IWD BkPgSumm
KFP BkPgSumm
B4B BkPgSumm

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