One thing we all have in common is a right, to the freedom, to live happy and healthy.

We all have the right to say,

“This is my life!”


The one thing we all own in common is this miraculous planet we live on.

We all have the right to say,

“This is my planet!”

In a truly magnificent way, we are all bound to each other and our planet at the same time.The Earth belongs to each of us individually but we share it collectively. It connects us. I believe that when we care for each other we make the Earth a happier, healthier place to live and we make the Earth itself happier and healthier.


So, treat others and the Earth how you would want others and the Earth to treat you! 


One people! One planet! One love!

What’s good for the Earth, is good for you!

I promise to respect the Earth,

keep the grasses green,

keep the air pollution free,

and keep the water clean.

I promise to respect all creatures, everyone I see, care for them

and treat them how

I want them to treat me.


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