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One thing we each have in common is the right to the freedom to live happy and healthy.

We each have the right to say,

“This is my life!”


One thing we all share is this spectacular planet we live on.

We all have the right to say,

“This is my home!”


Although we don’t actually own the Earth, we can proudly proclaim,

“This is my planet!”


To show our respect for this immense privilege, we must remember 

we are a part of it, not apart from it.


This celestial body makes our human bodies possible.

In a truly magnificent way, we are all bound to each other and our planet at the same time.

We are a part of the Earth, and the Earth is a part of us.


All of her creatures and systems work together to nurture and provide for us without bias.

We need to follow mother nature’s example and work together to care for her without bias.


If we take care of our planet, our planet will take care of us.


Let us join together and say,

“One people! One planet! One love!”

What’s good for the Earth, is good for you!

The GlobaLogical programs expand our awareness and understanding of our connection to our environment and wildlife.

I promise to respect the Earth,

keep the grasses green,

keep the air pollution free,

and keep the water clean.

I promise to respect all creatures, everyone I see, care for them

and treat them how

I want them to treat me.

The GlobaLogical unit of study is made up of 1 riddle, 2 poems, 5 stories, and 1 ecological investigation. During this unit participants will travel the world learning all about our Earth its environment, its wildlife, and the role we can play in taking care of it or destroying it.

Session-1: The Coolest Machine (5, 45-60 min. sessions)

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Before we go gallivanting around our globe, let’s take a moment to be mindful of just how wondrous it is. During this session, we will be looking at the big picture of our planet. We will explore the main aspects of our biosphere and how it functions so that we can begin to understand how we affect it.

Environmental & Wildlife Preservation, Global Citizenship, UP-Standing, Compassion, Awareness

Session-2: iCare Planet & iCare Creatures (1, 45-60 min. session)


Session-3: Rodro Rides the Rising Seas (5-day)

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Session-4: The Orange Man Dance! (5-days)

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Session-5: Goldysocks & the 5 Bayous (3 days)

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Session-6: The Magical Song of Sona and Dora (2-day)

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Session-7: The Galapagos Islands (5-day)

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