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Rodro Books & Education

Welcome to Rodro Books and Education,


I believe that the most important thing we can do is care about our children and teach them how to care about themselves and each other. This caring is the essential foundation for all learning, as all learning is an opportunity to cultivate caring. My books lay the foundation by modeling character skills such as kindness, compassion, grit, positive self-respect, and respecting others. My goal is to help children develop these strong, positive character skills and empower them with the ability to grow into happy, healthy, positive, and successful people.

A Little Bit About Rodro Arts & Education 

A Little Bit About Me 

What is Rodro?


Rodro is a collection of books, educational materials, music, activities, and programs that focus on caring as the central tool to help adults - to help children - to help themselves.


Rodro is a split-profit* organization for kids, parents, and educators based on the books, educational materials, music, activities, and programs created by Paul Rodriguez.


* "Split-profit" acknowledges that an essential part of Rodro's identity is concerned with giving back to the community. Rodro splits all profits between the company and charities related to the topics of his books. Rodro is not a nonprofit organization. It is a business dedicated to reaching out to assist others.



What does Rodro do?


Rodro provides the caring and tools children need to help them cultivate the essential sense of self-value they require to engage in learning, developing, and becoming happy, successful, and productive members of our global community.



Why Rodro?


Because what the world needs now is people who care. Because we urgently need to nurture future generations who understand and cherish compassion, truth, dignity, and accountability.



How does Rodro do it?


Rodro uses his books and all of the related materials to interact with parents, schools, community organizations, and cultural organizations to promote caring, compassion, and positive, good character in our children.



Who is Paul “Rodro” Rodriguez?


"Poverty and hunger, bullying and drug abuse, school shootings, terrorism, climate change, environmental destruction, wildlife extinction, natural disasters… Everyone is affected, and everyone wishes they could do something to help - Rodro is what I do.


I create books, educational materials, music, activities, and programs to illuminate and enrich the lives of children because I believe we can make the world a better place by caring for our children and teaching them to care for themselves and one another.


I am an Earthling. I was born in Brooklyn to parents who were both born in Puerto Rico. They separated when I was three. I enjoyed a thriving and fulfilling childhood because my mother is not just a fantastic person but also a fantastic parent.


I went on to graduate with a bachelor's degree in fine arts and design from Pratt Institute. After a disappointing year working in human resources, I changed my focus and began a 25-year independent journey into children's education culminating in the creation of Rodro.


Presently I live in my skin; not too thick, not too thin. I am enthralled by nature, all of the arts, and good people. I spend my days doing my best to do something positive, and I believe in just being good for goodness sake.


If you took the time to read this, I am grateful, and I would sincerely like to thank you for your interest. I truly hope that this website can offer you something useful, and fun to share with the children in your life.




Paul Rodriguez



Who is Rodro?


I would like to introduce you to Rodro. 

Rodro is a student that everyone should meet.

He’s too tall for his age and has floppy bare feet.

His face is foot-shaped, on his head there’s no hair,

and if that’s not normal, he just doesn’t care.

He stands tall and stands out, yet somehow, he fits in.

He’s not trying to be nice he can’t help it that’s him.

He’s a practical well-meaning, thoughtful youth.

Only human, he’s flawed, but he lives for the truth.

The problems that we complicate in our heads

Rodro somehow makes simpler instead.

When he tries, he’s amazed at the things he can do,

and he’s always excited to learn something new.

So, here is Rodro; A perfectly regular, abnormal child

whose simple wisdom makes everyone smile.



Rodro and Gun Control


Are we going to control the gun, or is the gun going to control us?


I do not own a gun, but I respect and believe in everyone’s right to own one. Although, I wish we could live in a world without them, the reality is that guns are a part of our daily lives.


Rodro’s solution is to raise our children with the compassion, caring and strong, positive character skills they need to respect one another, prevent violent behavior, and resolve conflicts peacefully.

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