Rodro Books & Education

             All of the Rodro resources support the Rodro books in their goal to empower our children with character skills such as kindness, compassion, grit, positive self-respect, and respecting others. Everything from the programs to the posters is designed as a tool for parents, educators, and all others who endeavor

to help build positive character in our children.


Rodro’s positive character messages start simply by reading and discussing the books. Then they are extended with tools such as lessons and activities, multiphase curriculum, and multi-week residencies. The curriculum is also available in a developmental structure that addresses Social Emotional Learning across grades K–5. Please, browse the resource links below to learn more about the curriculum and program options that are right for you and your children's needs.


SEL (Social Emotional Learning)

Rodro the Weirdo


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How to Do a Backspin


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A Good Day at School



The Sandwich-Boy Rescue



Pick Me Last!




I Wanna Dance!



What Color Are You?


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Taste Buds to Go


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Star Spangled Sprinkles, Please!




The New Swing King



Let’s All Play!



Kung Fu Peace



Brownies for Bedtime



The Friendly Factory Frenzy



Don’t Do Drugs! Do Dance! Do Dance!



Goldysocks & The 5 Bayous


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The Magical Song of Sona and Dora


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The Orange Man Dance


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