ProbSov SEL Overview

There is a big difference between preparing your child for school and preparing your child for learning. 

Every child is born with a natural curiosity and the ability to learn. Unfortunately, we rarely if ever explain to them how to go about it. We just send them off to school to learn. Some will take to it comfortably, and others will struggle. However, all children can flourish if we teach them one incredibly obvious and shockingly overlooked little detail; how they learn. 

The ProbSov is a customizable educational strategy in the form of mazes and puzzles. It uses Social-Emotional Learning skills to introduce young minds to a six-step process for learning how to learn. The first step is to make children aware of the amazing learning skills they have. The Probsov helps children identify, understand, develop, and master their skills of Mindfulness, Focus, Courage, Creativity/Brainstorming, Initiative, and Grit. They use the ProbSov to teach themselves these skills so that they can use them on purpose – not just by chance. To aid them in monitoring their development of these skills the program also provides tools for self-assessment.

Once they are familiar with how these skills help them to engage in learning and solve problems, they take ownership of a technique for self-learning that puts them in control of their future. The Probsov provides them with a skill set that develops and solidifies into core confidence that will help them

to achieve happiness and

success in school and in life.

• Addresses learning challenges such as

   ADHD and anxiety.

• Confidence reduces bullying conflicts.

• Children develop vital self-affirming,

   social-emotional skills that put them in

   control of their learning.

SCHEDULING: Private Sessions (School and Community)   


The ProbSov provides a foundation for other programs such as Let’s Go Emo (Social-Emotional Learning) and Books and Crafts. It is purposefully designed for customized and focused individual learning. However, a more general version is available for groups of up to 20. Please contact Rodro for additional information.


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