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One of the greatest lessons we can teach our children is how to teach themselves.

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Every child is born with a natural curiosity and the ability to learn. Unfortunately, we rarely, if ever, explain to them how their brains and bodies accomplish this amazing feat.  We just send them off to school to learn. Some will take to it comfortably, and others will struggle. However, all children can flourish if we teach them one incredibly obvious and shockingly overlooked little detail;

how they learn. 

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The ProbSov is a customizable educational strategy in the form of mazes and puzzles. It uses Social-Emotional Learning skills to introduce young minds to a 7-step process for learning how to learn. The first step is to make children aware of the amazing learning skills they may not know that they have. The Probsov helps children identify, understand, develop, and master their skills of Mindfulness, Focus, Courage, Creativity/Brainstorming, Initiative, and Grit. They use the ProbSov to teach themselves these skills so that they can use them on purpose – not just by chance. 

• Addresses learning challenges such as ADHD and anxiety.

• Confidence reduces bullying conflicts.

• Children develop vital self-affirming, social-emotional skills that put them in control of their learning.

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The ProbSov is the ultimate I.E.P. (Individual Education Plan) / I.H.I.P. (Individual Home Instruction Plan) because it adapts to your child’s strengths and weaknesses as they participate in it. With your guidance and by using the self-assessment tools, the program teaches children to understand how they learn. This knowledge empowers them with the ability to teach themselves. Understanding how they learn is a revolution for children who may think they are “dumb” because they don’t learn as easily as others learn. When they discover, it’s not that they can’t learn but just that they learn differently; it alleviates feelings of failure and elevates confidence. 

When to Teach <> When to Parent

For parents who are new to teaching at home, the ProbSov provides insights into the difference between parenting and teaching. It also provides all the materials you need to help guide you through each lesson. 


In addition to mazes, 3D puzzles, and the standard teaching tools, the ProbSov also comes with seven PowerPoint videos. The ProbSov PowerPoint videos make teaching the program as easy and as exhilarating as drinking your morning coffee. Each video takes you through the session slide-by-slide and step-by-step. They provide all of the images and text prompts that you need to connect to your child’s worksheets and more. 


The Product <> The Service

This educational tool is both a product and a service. The ProbSov SEL homeschooling curriculum kit is the product and the individual sessions, and the professional development of the ProbSov SEL program are the services. The curriculum is purposefully designed for customized and focused individual learning. However, a more general version is available for groups of up to 20. Please contact Rodro for additional information.


The ProbSov SEL is for all children but it can be especially useful for children with learning challenges such as ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, executive function deficits, and some children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The program harnesses a broad range of cognitive and Social-Emotional Learning skills. This provides children with the ability to use strengths in one area

to help overcome deficits in others. 

Small Box <> Huge Value!

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The ProbSov includes 


1) A  thumb drive with the seven-session Teaching Guide PDF, a Student Handbook PDF, and a step-by-step PowerPoint movie for each session. 

2) One printed Student Handbook and four 3D puzzles.


3) Learning Skill cards for Student self-assessment with positive self-talk messages.


4) Seven Mazes


5) 3D Puzzle Sequence Cards

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6) 3D Puzzle Solution Directions.


7) A hand sign guide for each skill (in teaching guide).

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8) Teacher assessment charts for each skill.


9) Video of the solution for each 3D puzzle (in PowerPoint movie)

10) Educational Standards for SEL

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