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What is weird? Weird doesn't mean wrong— it just means different. When Rodro weirds-out and wins, he realizes different isn't bad; it's what makes him matter.

• Individuality • Creativity • Pride • Courage

• Positive Self-Talk • Self-Awareness/Mindfulness

Rodro the Weirdo: Book & Discussion Guide

  • The Rodro the Weirdo story has valuable lessons about individuality and self-value for you and your children to share and discuss. No matter who does the reading (child, parent, or educator), the supporting Convo-Questions generate inspiring and insightful discussions. These conversations enable your children to analyze, internalize, and utilize the character-enriching, social-emotional skills they learn.

    This is self-empowerment!


    “One of the greatest lessons we can teach our children is how to teach themselves.”– Paul Rodriguez

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