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What do you want most for your child?


If your first choices are happiness and health, you’re not alone.


All around the world, without fail, parents choose happiness and health as the two things they want most for their children. These values are always selected before financial, academic, and career success. This makes perfect sense because true success cannot exist without happiness. 


This is why Social-Emotional Learning is the most important aspect of your child’s education.

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Rodro Books & Education
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How To Do

A Back-Spin


When Embl is

having a

 tough time

 learning his

 favorite dance

 move, Rodro

teaches him

not to give up.

Rodro the Weirdo

What is weird? Weird doesn’t

mean wrong— it just means

different. When Rodro weirds-out

and wins, he realizes different isn’t

bad, it's what makes him matter.

Pick Me Last!


When Pessy gets

 picked on and

 picked last, she doesn’t get upset, instead, she rises

 to the challenge

 and reclaims

 her respect.

A Good

Day at School


When Rodro

discovers the

thief in his

class he has

to decide what

is more important,

honesty or his pride.

The Sandwich Boy Rescue


When disaster strikes— siblings, parents, and the whole community come together 

as one big family to save the day.


Social-Emotion Learning (SEL) is — 

the learning that makes all other learning possible.


We do not need to look further than the dwindling grades of a child who is being bullied to see the relationship between a solid social-emotional foundation and academic success. 


These five books, along with a program called the ProbSov help children learn in three ways:

  • First, by introducing them to and engaging them in SEL for their well-being.

  • Second, by teaching them to use their SEL Skills to learn how to learn. 

  • Third, by teaching them how their SEL Skills help them with all other learning.

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ProbSov SEL Disc.png

Whether a child becomes a professional athlete or a neuroscientist, the true measure of their success will always be happiness and fulfillment. That happiness and fulfillment will be the result of the social-emotional learning, that enabled all of their other learning to flourish.

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