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Grades 5-8 and 9-12


            The StreetWise and The 5 Schools of Hip Hop program uses the five elements of Hip Hop to inspire children to be self-learners through the power of their own creativity. 

It recognizes Hip Hop as five distinct and powerful forms of artistic self-expression: DJing (instrumental music), Beat Boxing (vocal percussion/music), Rapping (poetry), Graffiti (visual arts), and Break Dancing (dance). The program takes advantage of Hip Hop’s popularity and familiarity to capture students’ imaginations and engage them in deep and meaningful learning.


The program identifies the five schools to engage participants in careful consideration of where, when, why, and how they learn in their everyday lives. It expands their understanding of who their teachers are in all aspects of life. Most importantly, the program makes each participant aware of the crucial role that he or she plays in educating himself or herself.


The goal of the program is to empower its participants by putting them in control of both their ability and their opportunities to learn. This is achieved by helping them cultivate the self-learning tools they need, and by providing them with just enough structure and guidance along the way.

The 5 Schools in the program are:


  1. Home/family

  2. Religion

  3. School/Friends

  4. Recreational Activities/Community

  5. Pop Culture/Streets


The program revolves around the production of the plays, The Playground Peace Conference (grades 5-8) and The Neighborhood Peace Conference (grades 9-12). Using the five elements of Hip Hop for everything from sets to songs, the plays are written, choreographed, and performed by students as original, one of a kind productions. Participants work as individuals, in small groups, and in one large group as part of their production company. The “play” in educational terms, is a collaborative learning/project-based learning lesson.