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Peace Avenger! (Home, community, and school program)

Grades 1-6, 45-60 min

The Peace Avenger programs engage kids in an anti-bullying trivia game based on movie quotes from their favorite superheroes. In the school and community versions, six students volunteer to represent their heroes and wield their symbolic peacekeeping props. In all versions, the participants discuss inspirational messages such as—


“We all know the truth; more connects us than separates us.” 


Along the way, they learn the everyday superpowers that make all fantasy superpowers possible; a good heart filled with compassion, righteousness, kindness, and a desire to help those in need. After celebrating the moral wisdom of fantasy icons, we connect with real-life superheroes like Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi. This emphasizes the program’s ultimate message that there is a hero inside all of us. Finally, a student is chosen to come on stage and show that she/he is worthy to lift Mjollnir,

Thor’s legendary hammer of goodness.

The Peace Avenger programs are an introduction to the more comprehensive Super Me Anti-Bully program. Please, click here to see additional Super Me programs.

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